Artist Statement

Animals in particular are a fascinating and inspirational subject matter because they are creatures most of us interact with almost every day. We can not communicate verbally with them and they can not precisely communicate back, and yet many of us have animals as companions. It’s sometimes impossible to figure out just exactly how they act or feel, but we can imagine and can use clues in their behaviors to figure out more about them. I want to tell stories with these creatures that already have a bit of a mystery to them.

Art to this day is my escape from the normal of the real world into the creative and unknown. Because of this philosophy, I push my subject matter to be unusual; my subjects can not exist in our world. My ceramic pieces are also made to push the material away from it’s typical uses. Clay is associated with being a heavy and wet medium, and I like pushing clay to feel thin and fragile. With my linoleum blocks, I push the textures and angles of linoleum to their full potential. I use bold mark making in mylinoleum blocks so a viewer can almost feel the textures of the block in the finished piece and follow the motions I made using my linoleum cutting tools . I think all forms of art media have their own unique beauty in how the materials function, and I like to highlight that in my work.

Staci Srebro
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