About the Artist

Staci Srebro is a 23 year old college student at Keystone College. She majored in ceramics and printmaking, but also feels passionately about illustration, character design, and bookmaking. Staci is not afraid to branch out and try new materials, new subject matter, or new styles. She has created anything in ceramics from her "freakshow" animals to her cute cat mugs which she sells frequently. One thing

remains consistent: animals are a common theme in her work. This is most likely due to her living deep in the woods of Northeast Pennsylvania for her entire life where the main form of entertainment was to catch frogs or watch birds. She uses the interesting and varied ways animals look, behave, and interact to inspire much of her work and take it into a fantasy world. Read her artist statement for further explanation on her philosophy of her art.

Staci Srebro
printmaking • ceramics • bookmaking • more

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